Rotchy Blog – 11/25/14 – “Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things.”



For those of you who are unfamiliar with who I am, my name is Michael “Rotch” Woods. This Inter Species Wrestling thing? Came from my brain. That’s right. I started this gangsta shit. From the crazy characters to the Lego deathmatches. If you’ve ever purchased a ticket to one of our events, you’ve pretty much paid to sit inside my head for 3 hours and watch whatever fucked up shit my mind threw at you. And you probably loved it.

Inter Species Wrestling’s 9th year has come to a close, and if you were to ask me what I thought of it – I’d tell you that it was easily our biggest.

– Two awesome shows at our homebase – the Heirloom Arts Theatre in Danbury, CT.
– Warped Tour stops in Montreal and Hartford.
– Playing a huge part in the Fighting Back movement in Canada, raising over $50,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society
– New partnerships with promotions like Hoodslam, WrestleJam, and Revival Pro.
– Strengthening existing ones with our pals in Beyond Wrestling, Acclaim Pro Wrestling and the International Wrestling Syndicate.
– Our “Undisputed King of Crazy” title belt was defended on events from New England to California, gaining us a ton of new fans and exposure.
– New business opportunities, and so much more.

Most importantly – we, as a crew, grew to become a lot tighter. Like one big, happy, fucked up family. My good friend Shayne Hawke – who I, sadly, never book as a wrestler – described our crew perfectly.

“We’re a family of outsiders, Tyrion Lannister’s ‘cripples, bastards and broken things.’ We’re a family who never fit the mold, and together are a force stronger than anything else. No longer do we have to jump through hoops – together, we have grown into the greatest show on Earth.”

In August of 2015, we hit double digits. Ten years of Inter Species Wrestling. Did I ever think we’d make it this far? Not at all. I didn’t even think it’d last more than one show. And now, here we are. Making enough of an impact on indie wrestling that promotions all over the world are “borrowing” things that we’re well known for.

Year 10 begins with Boner Jam III – The Threerection. March 7, 2015 – from the Heirloom Arts Theatre in Danbury, CT. And that’s just the beginning. I won’t be the guy that claims that 2015 will be our year. You all could say it for me, and I’ll click “like” in agreement.

Thank you all for your support in making 2014 what it was. We intend to make 2015 an even crazier year, and we hope you all will come along for the ride.

Pro wrestling is fucked. And we’re doing the fucking.

Until next time,

Mike Rotch
El Presidente – Inter Species Wrestling


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