MWGA NEWS: First Two Matches Announced!


Last week, we asked you through all of our social media channels for ideas for matches for our big return to Danbury on November 19th. After all, it’s been a while since we’ve booked a show, and maybe we were a little rusty or out of touch. However, it seems that a lot of you had ideas that we had in mind, too…including these first two matches for MAKE WRESTLING GREAT AGAIN!

Tag Team Championship Match

When we put the call out for some match ideas, this one actually came in from our buddy Lane on Twitter. However, the idea seemed a bit familiar – I knew I’d read this idea before somewhere. Like a ton of bricks, it hit me; back in 2013, when we were in the midst of laying out the “Burger King of the Ring II: Double Whopper” tournament to crown the first tag team champions, this match was actually requested by Dan Barry himself.

We didn’t listen to him, because why would we ever listen to Dan Barry?

Three years later, and sure enough, Dan’s idea was definitely right. So, whatever. Here’s your credit, Dan. I hope that superstar-Highspots-interviewer-star-of-“Holy Foley” Dan Barry appreciates the ideas of wage-slave-for-Hearst-Media-while-recently-revealing-himself-to-be-an-undercover-police-officer Dan Barry, because this match is official: Tremendous Investigations, Inc./Team Tremendous/Police Cops/whatever will defend the Inter Species Wrestling Tag Team Championship against Team BFF, Jigsaw and Gran Akuma.

Pinkie vs Space Monkey

There’s a whole lot that we can say about this match. We can say that Space Monkey reminds us of the Pinkie Sanchez of old – who at times could have been described as both “spaced” and a “monkey”. We could bill it as “Monkey vs. Monkey” – with the space traveling simian taking on the “sexual spider monkey.” It could even be a match presented in memory of our precious Harambe (rest easy, big fella). And we know that if we did any of this, it’d draw you in. However, so would just telling you all that we booked this match because it’s going to be “lit”, as the youngins say – followed by several fire emojis.

On Saturday, November 19th, Team Pazuzu’s Pinkie Sanchez takes on the debuting Space Monkey, as we attempt to Make Wrestling Great Again.

With that all being said…what’re you waiting for? Go buy your tickets now for our big return to Danbury on November 19th, featuring all of the stars of Inter Species Wrestling – from Undisputed King of Crazy Chris Dickinson to the return of Bastian Snow, and even the debut of former UFC star turned pro wrestling sensation Matt Riddle.

Make Wrestling Great Again Flyer - Gun

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