NEWS: “Fighting Back” 5 for $5 Now Available!







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Inter Species Wrestling

NEWS: “Fighting Back” 5 for $5 Now Available!

In case you haven’t heard the news by now, we thought it’d be cool to dig into our archives to help out with the impending “Fighting Back: Wrestling with Cancer” event coming up in Ottawa on August 15th (information on the event available here!). To help boost the total, we’re selling an MP4 compilation of five (well, six…) action-packed Inter Species Wrestling matches from past “Fighting Back” events. 100% of the money from selling these MP4’s will go directly to the total amount donated to the Canadian Cancer Society following FB5. We’ve raised over $50,000 in the past four years – help us push the total even higher by buying today! Click the image below to be taken straight to the link for the show.



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