ROTCHY BLOG – Changes, That Bird Did, and TICKETS!


Happy Birthday to me!

I’m officially 28 years older than I act.  That’s 34, for those of you keeping track.  How does the creator of Inter Species Wrestling celebrate his birthday?  Well, we kept it pretty low key this year.  Dinner with friends, drinks, gaming, time with the family here in Connecticut, and informing you all of some card changes.

That’s right.  They happen.  If you see a card listed for an independent wrestling show, expect that it may be subject to change.  We’ve been pretty damn good at delivering the shows we advertise, but this time around there will be changes.  All due to unforseen circumstances.

Due to a very serious ankle injury, Pinkie Sanchez will not be able to compete on October 31.  Pinkie will very likely still be present, cheering on his Team Pazuzu buddies – as 3 of them go for titles on Halloween night.

Keeping the identities of the people under our masks unknown is something we take very seriously here in Inter Species Wrestling.  With that said, Kitsune may be the worst kept secret in all of pro wrestling.  The man behind the mask has lit up the indy scene on both coasts, and has been offered a chance to improve his skills as well as his standing in the professional wrestling business.  Kitsune will not be present on 10/31 and we wish him the best of luck abroad.

Now, let’s talk about the changes made to this card due to the loss of these two talented people.

Kitsune was originally scheduled to face Jaka.  Pinkie was competing as part of a 4 way match that involved Matt Tremont, Leon St. Giovanni, and a new creation from Dr. Gene Spleissing.

Matt Tremont has been removed from the 4 way, and will now take on the first ever Inter Species Wrestling Champion – making his long awaited return after 6 years away from the company – Viking!  A first ever meeting between these two, and a dream match for fans of hardcore wrestling.  This will be one to watch.

Jaka will be taking Pinkie’s place in the 4 way match, which is now down to 3 competitors, and a potential open 4th spot.  Will we fill it?  Hopefully.  If not – we’ve still got a pretty great 3 way on our hands.

The rest of our card will remain the same.  We’re sorry for these changes, but as you can see, way out of our hands.  We promise you that this show will still be as good as the originally announced card.

Now, on to other things.

Do you subscribe to our YouTube channel (youtube.com/user/interspecies)?  If so, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve put together a new hype series, with our new partners Matt and Steve from That Bird Did.  These dudes and these episodes are great, and definitely worth a watch.  Check ‘em out below, and subscribe to the That Bird Did channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/THATbirdDIDproducts) as well.

Tickets!  They’re moving at a steady pace, and I’m glad to say that I don’t recognize a lot of the names that are showing up in the purchase notification emails.  New fans!  Bring your friends.  Old fans – bring yourselves.  We haven’t seen most of you since February.  We miss you.

Get your tickets – http://interspecieswrestling.com/product/candy-apples-and-razorblades-event-ticket

Alright, I’m off to enjoy some pizza, beer, and Blade Runner (for the first time…what the fuck took me so long?!)!  See you all on Halloween!


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