Rotchy Blog – EYFBO’s Title Shot EXPLAINED!


Coming off of the most successful Fighting Back: Wrestling with Cancer event EVER (thank you, everyone) – I’m back with another edition of my Rotchy blog.

We’re two days removed from Inter Species Wrestling’s 10th birthday. Crazy, right? Stay tuned for another blog on August 26 where I’ll make a few announcements regarding 10 years of Inter Species Wrestling.

Right now, and pretty much every blog going forward – I’m going to talk about the card for Candy Apples & Razorblades. We did something crazy last week. Something completely uncharacteristic of us, in playing an open hand and announcing the entire card at once. I wanted to discuss one title match in particular that’s had a bunch of people asking us questions.

Tremendous Investigations defending their ISW Tag Team Titles against EYFBO.

“…but EYFBO lost their last match.”

While this is true – upon reviewing video footage – the wrong man was pinned. That’s right. The referee counted a pin on the member of EYFBO who was NOT the legal man at the time.

Now, that’s the dumb technical reason. Lord knows that pro wrestling referees and their decisions are never really reviewed. People get fucked over left and right.

The real reason we booked this match? We’ve seen TDT vs. Tremendous Investigations before. We’ve seen it on our own shows, as well as C*4 and IWS events. And hell, just last night, CZW announced that very match for their upcoming event.

We needed something fresh, and the match up between our current tag team champs and a tag team on the rise, coming off title wins of their own AND a match with the legendary Ultimo Dragon is the way to go.

Basically – if I was to compare it to a top UFC story that’s making the rounds – TDT are playing the role of Miesha Tate to EYFBO’s Holly Holm on this particular event. That’s all. They’ll get their shot, just not this time.

To sum it all up – I do what I want!

And speaking of TDT – they’re taking on another team on the rise in Montreal’s “Generation Kill” of Matt Novak and Branden O’Connor. Don’t feel bad for them. This will be a dope ass match, too.

We’ll talk about that another time.

Talk to you all in two days!


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