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Two entries in about a month’s time?  Whoa!

I had told you all in my last entry that I really wanted to write a bit about Fighting Back: Wrestling with Cancer, and what it means to me.  As many of you know, it’s an annual event put on by a number of promotions in memory of the late, great Phrank “Stinky” Morin – who passed away in April of 2011.  Phrank was a really good friend of mine, and an integral part of Inter Species Wrestling.  Funny as hell, with an incredible smile, and the best damn beard in wrestling.  I have been lucky enough to live a life where I haven’t lost many people who I was close to, but Phrank’s death destroyed me.  I still can’t watch one of his matches without getting soggy-eyed.  I was, very excitedly, showing my girlfriend some older Inter Species Wrestling footage recently, because she’d never seen any.  We were watching it, having a great time.  Then it happened.  The opening to the “Littlest Hobo” theme hit, and I started bawling like a baby.  We had to turn the DVD off.  I just can’t do it.  And that sucks, because some of my favorite matches and moments in ISW history involve Phrank.  I miss that dude every day.  It’s a real shame that more of you didn’t get the chance to meet him, see him wrestle, or even get to know him.

Fuck you cancer.

On August 15 – we’re going to do our part to help end cancer.  This time, we’ve enlisted the help of our special guests Roderick Strong, 2 Cold Scorpio, and Japanese legend Ultimo Dragon.  Let’s kick this dastardly disease in the nuts, while celebrating the memory of Stinky, and anyone else this disease has taken.

I’m proud to announce some of the things we’re doing at, and for, this year’s Fighting Back event.

As most of you know, there’s been an Inter Species Wrestling “showcase” match (or two, in Fighting Back 3’s case) on every one of these events since the first one happened in August of 2011.  This year will be no different, and the match we’re presenting to you?  A doozy.  Inter Species Wrestling’s longest reigning champion, the brain devouring IZZIE DEADYET‘s inevitable collision course with current Undisputed King of Crazy CHRIS DICKINSON (scheduled to face off in a title unification bout at “CANDY APPLES & RAZORBLADES” on Halloween) will derail for one night only – as he defends his title against a worthy foe in one half of the current Inter Species Wrestling tag team champions – Detective DAN BARRY!

A first ever meeting, and one you’ll only see at Fighting Back 5, live from Ottawa, Ontario on Saturday, August 15.


The ridiculously talented DAVE COLE, currently recovering from knee surgery, has very graciously donated a piece of original art to be auctioned off, with the amount raised being donated to the Canadian Cancer Society as part of the Fighting Back total.  The painting depicts Pac Man, wearing an Ultimo Dragon mask – and is part of a series of masked Pac Man (Pac Mask?) paintings that Cole has completed over the last few years.  Auction information will be released via our twitter @ISDub in the coming weeks.

And finally – we’re going to be putting together a very special “Inter Species Wrestling @ Fighting Back – 5 for $5” MP4 release, available as soon as this coming Friday, July 31.  For $5, you’ll be able to watch all 5 Inter Species Wrestling showcases from previous years’ Fighting Back events, plus a bonus match.  The match list is as follows…

- FB 1 – Izzie Deadyet vs. Beef Wellington vs. Bastian Snow vs. El Hijo Del Bamboo.
- FB 2 – Giant Tiger vs. El Hijo Del Bamboo.
- FB 3 – King of Crazy Title – Addy Starr (c) vs. Pinkie Sanchez.
- FB 3 – The Food Fighters vs. The Badd Boys.
- FB 4 – The Food Fighters vs. The Mad Cows – Moohammad and Moostafa.

And as a bonus – from 2012’s Fighting Back Fan Fest – Addy Starr vs. Dan Barry.

Just $5 for all of this!  100% going to the Canadian Cancer Society as part of the final donated total!

I hope to see as many of you as possible at the VCC on August 15, 2015 – as we fight back for the 5th consecutive time!  For all info – www.fighting-back.ca


That’s another blog in the books!  Next time, let’s switch it up!  Hit up my ask.fm account at ask.fm/rotchykong, and ASK ME ANYTHING!  I’ll answer every question in detail as part of my next blog!

Thanks for reading!


P.S. – I ALMOST FORGOT!  I still have a buttload of shirts, prints, and other goodies leftover and taking up WAY too much space.  Want something?  Email me – interspecieswrestling@hotmail.com!  I’ll cut you a deal if you mention my blog! 

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