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Hey guys!

Man, just as I was getting good at the regular blog thing – life got messy.  I’ll try to get back on track.  Here’s what’s been happening…

After spending a few months in Connecticut – I went back to Canada in August, expecting to be away until our show in October.  Due to my girlfriend’s dad passing away suddenly, I had to return only 2 weeks after leaving.  I wasn’t about to let her go through that alone.  However, since returning – I’ve learned a whole lot.  The main thing, though, is that dying ain’t cheap.  My beloved girlfriend was left in charge of her father’s estate, which also meant funeral arrangements, and the works.  She and his family were under the impression that insurance would cover those costs.  However, due to his insurance policy being rather new – she wasn’t entitled to anything but what he paid in, and a small premium on top.  She received just around $500.  The funeral service itself ended up costing almost $14,000.  Becky, being someone who lives paycheck to paycheck – cannot afford that.  She’s received a little help from family members, but the fact is – nobody was prepared to dish out that kind of cash.  Nor do they have it to dish out.

As you all know – we in Inter Species Wrestling are a rather charitable bunch.  From our Fighting Back fundraising efforts, to donating a portion of ticket sales from every single one of our events to a different cause.  We like to use our powers for good.  Inter Species Wrestling’s baby mama, Ed Wood, has decided that October’s cause would be Becky’s father’s funeral debt.

Come out in droves.  Wear costumes.  Purchase baked goods.  Partake in whatever other silly fundraising methods we’re sure to cook up.  Let’s help out a friend in need.  Some people in attendance won’t even read this blog, and you’ll be accidentally charitable just by buying a ticket and getting nuts with us.  Accidental karma is awesome.  It’s all good!  Every little bit counts.

Speaking of fundraising efforts – I’m also please to formally announce that on October 3, I’ll be getting the crew together for a video gaming marathon stream, also in order to raise funds to help out Becky’s predicament.  We’ll hold random giveaways and whatnot during the stream, all in an attempt to lessen the load, and help this lovely lady through a horrible time.  More details to come, follow me on Twitter if you don’t already – @RotchyKong.

NOW!  Let’s get to the crazy stuff.  Candy Apples & Razorblades is going down in roughly 6 weeks, and I’ve got a few things to announce.

Remember when we announced the full card for the event?  Well, we’re full of shit.  We’ve added another match to our already stacked card, and it’s a fun one.  We are fairly well known for our ability to play nice with other promotions – with an exception or two (they started it, I swear) – and October 31, you’ll see an example of that.  I made my debut as a play by play announcer for Combat Zone Wrestling back in July, and it was an experience I’ll never forget.  At Candy Apples & Razorblades, the ISW/CZW working relationship continues – as George Gatton takes on “The Big Scare” Dan O’Hare in a CZW Dojo Wars Showcase!


That may or may not even be the last match we add to this thing.  You see, the previously unannounced Los Dumbfucks have been real busy on Twitter lately.  And I’m not talking about the usual “you’re the real dumbfuck” meme style tweets they drop every now and again.  No.  It seems like everyone’s favorite punching bags have developed a bit of a twitter feud with our good friend Every Time I Die guitarist Andy “Pudd” Williams, and his #Pythons2015 squad.  To the point where they’ve challenged him to face them, so they can attempt to score a measure of revenge for the suplex Andy demolished Dumbfuck #2 with back at the Warped Tour in 2014.  Not one to back down from a challenge, Andy has vowed that he and #Pythons2015 WILL be there on October 31, to answer to confront Los Dumbfucks.

Los Dumbfucks recorded the following video for #Pythons2015.  They apparently had a lot to get off their chests.

And speaking of chests – have you seen the shape that Giant Tiger has gotten himself into?  What the hell, man?  Qefka the Quiet is in for a surprise when he makes his debut, and takes on the buffed out former Inter Species Champion.  And the story behind the match?  Man, did we have no idea what we were getting outselves into with this one!

That’s about it for now!  Guys!  I’ll be back to do this again real soon.  Word is, we’re bringing back the ISW podcast – The Dubcast – leading into this one, too!

I’ll be at the following shows leading up to 10/31. Get your tickets, get a costume (if I’m wearing one, you have to), and get your asses to the Heirloom Arts Theatre on Halloween!

Beyond Wrestling’s #GRRR – September 26 – Providence, RI.
Us vs. Them Wrestling – October 10 – Enfield, CT.
Matt Tremont’s South Jersey Wrestlefest – October 11 – Woodbury Heights, NJ.

See you around!


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