Rotchy Does Dallas (All-Con)


I don’t write many of these things, but I needed to write one about this.  I wanted Inter Species Wrestling’s 10th year to be the one where we stood out the most.  We’re two weeks into 2015, and a bunch of cool opportunities have already been tossed our way.

We’re part of the HUGE #RAWlternative broadcast on Monday, January 19.  We’ve been invited to participate in the 2015 installment of the Vans Warped Tour.  And just announced today – I’ll be hosting a panel discussion on Inter Species Wrestling (mainly the popularity of the Lego Deathmatch) at All-Con in Dallas, Texas in March!  I’ve always wanted to go to Texas!

Plus , with Boner Jam III coming up in February, our 2015 schedule is getting real interesting.

I’ll post date/time information for my panel discussion when the schedule is finalized.  For more information on All-Con itself – visit www.all-con.net!



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